ScreenSnapS60 1.1.0

Complete tool for performing screenshots on your phone

ScreenSnapS60 is a flexible, freeware screenshot application for S60 allowing to take screenshots in different capture modes (single shot, multiple or continuous shots) and save them in a variety of file formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, MBM) and qualities (JPEG quality 1...100, true color, 8 bits). It is possible to set delay and interval times, customise the notification message (visual message and/or tone), define the number of shots, configure the shortcut keys and specify memory location, directory name and file name of the saved shot. A unique feature is the settings summary screen with a concise overview of all settings and status parameters on one screen. Other features are the capability to send screenshots via bluetooth or multimedia, deactivated mode, full screen mode and the possibility to view the last screenshot taken.

List of features:

  • Single, multiple or continuous screenshots
  • Configurable delay and interval time
  • Customize memory location, directory and file name
  • JPEG format with gradual quality setting 1 to 100
  • BMP, PNG, MBM formats at true color or 8 bits/pixel
  • Configurable shortcuts
  • Auditive or visual screenshot notification
  • Settings summary page
  • Send screenshot via bluetooth, infrared, MMS or e-mail
  • View last saved screenshot
  • Normal and full screen mode to view screenshots
  • Possibility to deactivate shortcuts
  • Send ScreenSnapS60 to background

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ScreenSnapS60 1.1.0

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